Change is hard, change is scary, we agonise over major changes. Hardly surprising, a big life decision can feel like putting a cake in the oven and not being sure if it will rise.

But perhaps we are all being too risk averse. Apparently if you are on the fence then making the change is likely to increase your satisfaction with your life. Steven D Levitt, author of Freakonomics says that if you can’t decide what to do about a significant life decision then you are more likely to be happier with your decision if you make the change.

His study looked at what happened when people flipped a coin to decide on major life decisions when they couldn’t decide. Initially there wasn’t much difference in satisfaction between those who were told to make a change or not. But, by six months there was a significant increase in satisfaction from the people who were told to make the change by the coin and followed through on it.

So for big life changes, things like quitting a job, or ending a relationship, if you are on the fence it is likely you are being overly cautious.

Agree? Disagree? Either way change can be scary, so get some support on the way.

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